Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Frog Themed Daily 5 Routines and CAFE Poster Set! and I'm a horrible blogger

Hi All!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!  My only excuse is that it has been a rough year and first part of summer!  I will be better about this.  However, I have created a Frog Themed Daily 5 and CAFE Poster Set for my TpT store.  There are anchor charts for the 5 routines and CAFE components.  I have also included definitions for each part of CAFE AND I HAVE FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE EDITABLE PDFs!  So now, there are editable definition cards in there as well!  Click below to check it out!  I will be ready for next week's Made It Monday...and the August Currently!

 me teach good's TpT Store

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