Monday, August 20, 2012

Must Have Monday!

Hi All,

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' with her linky party: Teacher Week!

What must I have in order to survive teaching? Well....

First, COFFEE!
I wouldn't make it to 9:45 without my coffee.  It's such a lifesaver, and not just for me!

Second, my laminator!
This thing has made my life so much easier!  I heart my laminator!

Third, Photoshop CS6!

I wouldn't know how I would make all my TpT printables without it!

Fourth, my TpT Store!
I love all the products on here!  It's been wonderful!

Last but most definitely not least, an understanding spouse!
Don't know what I would do without him!  He keeps me sane when all else fails.

What must you have on this fine Monday?
 me teach good's TpT Store

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  1. I just found you blog through the Linky & it is so cute. I can't live without my laminator either!! I'm your newest follower & would love for you to stop by :)

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